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    Had to $BUY$ to find iPad INCOMPATIBLE


      Why did I just spend $29.99 to find the program app won't work with my hardware.  The hardware naming convention suck.  In requirements before downloading app it says slingbox pro-HD... well I'm running my slingbox pro in HD, how am I supposed to know there's a new box by that name?  Now I know I'm a couple years behind in using my slingbox but the naming convention seems pretty dumb to me.  How about calling it slingbox II pro-HD.  How am I supposed to get the money back from apple?  Why bother upgrading my hardware?  Slingbox just made bank off of me.

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          There has only been 1 "Slingbox Pro HD".

          You may be refering to the Slingbox Pro and added on the "HD connect cable" which allows for the connection of a component video hd device. However it is broadcast/redistributed from the slingbox in SD NOT HD.


          Only the Slingbox Pro HD unit incoporates a component video input and can stream in HD resolutions.


          Well the new 350 and 500 models can too; but are in limited release at this point.


          It also states clearly (and multiple times I might add) that only the Solo and the Slingbox Pro HD models support the iPad app as seen here from a Screen shoot I just took from iTunes.


          I highlighted the appropriate sections in red.



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            I did the same thing. I complained to both Apple iTunes and SlingMedia and after several emails, they credited the $29.95 back to me. I hope they did it for you. Slingbox is a great product...I love it. It is a shame to see they still have not corrected this faux-paux...even after your great renaming suggestion.


            I finally upgraded my laptop (MacBook Pro) to Mountain Lion from Leopard because I found that on my new MAc with MountainLion that SlingWatch works fine. I was afraid I would loose SB on my Laptop as it doubles as my TV in my kitchen. Why SM doesn't allow SlingWatch work on the iPad is also a shame...but I guess it is because of Flash...but there is HTML 5 that seems to take care of that problem. Must be some other reason.


            It's funny because when the HD dongle came out they were saying  "Make your SlingBox Pro HD quality. Now it's not a SlingBox Pro HD:).

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                I still contend the nomenclature is confusing, which you agree with Gym.  Before dbsguy was kind enough to point out my error, I looked at the app store description 2 more times to see if I was missing something... I was not.  When dbsguy pointed out the more specific requirements, it was then I noticed a MORE toggle at the lower right of the abridged description.  Once the toggle to MORE is displayed one can see the hardware requirements more clearly.  A simple re-writing of the description box in the app store would solve this and or a change in the hardware's name.  BTW dbsguy, you've essentially told me that, although I paid for HD in an old version, slingbox didn't give me HD then it still streamed in SD (2nd case of being misleading albeit perhaps unintentional).  Which I wonder if that was really true when we were still using the slingplayer app vs the current web browser version.  I remember it scaling completely differently from SD S-video cable vs component HD.