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    Phone vs  Tablet Ugh...


      So I own a Galaxy Note LTE or "phablet" and I'm interested in purchasing a slingbox and buying your software.


      The one stumbling block I have is that I will either miss out on some features of your software or that I will end up buying your software twice.


      Right now I have a Galaxy Note LTE that I would classify as a phone, but I'd like to have the same features that tablet users get as I've installed a hacked ROM that enables tablet mode.  Am I missing out on features if I purchase the normal phone version of your software?


      Also, Samsung offers a 10.1" Galaxy Note that most people would consider a tablet, but can make calls and be used as a phone.  If they release a 7" Galaxy Note, I will probably replace my Note with that and then I will be required to purchase the tablet version of your software, when the 7" is being used as a phone?


      So, will I miss out on features when I use the phone version on my Note and how do you handle and will you handle classifications of devices that are both phone and tablet?

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          I have the Motorola Xoom, a 10.1" Android tablet, which is unarguably a tablet. When I first got it, there wasn't a tablet version of the app yet so I bought the phone version for my tablet. It scaled fine and worked great. When they came out with the tablet version, I bought it, but after playing with it for a few minutes I returned it. Even on my tablet I much prefer the phone version of the app. Your mileage may vary, but here are my reasons. 1) I mostly use SlingPlayer on my tablet, but I occasionally want to use it on my phone so I'd need to own the phone version anyway. 2) The tablet remote looks like my actual remote, but functionality-wise I prefer the simple buttons around the edge of the screen in the phone version because they are easier to find and hit, they don't require scrolling, and they obscure less of the screen. 3) I have my SlingBox connected to a TiVo and even the lowest quality setting on the tablet version had so much more lag than the phone version that fast forwarding through commercials was basically impossible.