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    Slingbox 500 turns TV on but not off


      I have DirecTV, and the remote that displays is an older style than the one I currently have (I could use some help with that too, but that's not the main issue). The on and off buttons on the right hand side are grayed out so I cannot use them. When I push power in the middle, the DirecTV turns on along with my TV and my amplifier. When I push power again, only the DirecTV turns off but the TV and amplifier do not.

      Not a huge problem that they turn on, but not turning off is definitely not ideal. If I'm away from home, my TV and amp will just be on the whole time. Any suggestions? Ideally the slingbox would only turn on the DirecTV and also turn it off, but a livable condition would be if it still turned the TV and amp off when I was done.

      I can only think of one solution at the moment which would be to not allow my DirecTV to control my amp or my TV, which is not ideal.

      Thank you in advance.