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    Sky HD and Sky+ beside each other. Had to buy SPC4 to control each. Need modified SkyHD remote.


      I have Sky HD and Sky + beside each other in my attic. I have had to purchase a Global SPC4 to route the remote signals to each because the Sky HD remote also controls Sky +, but not vice versa, Anyway, when I wanted to control Sky HD, SKY + would also be affected.

      So the SPC4 was bought and the IR receiver in the HD box disabled.

      I then changed the SKY HD remote control code to code 2 using the SELECT&BLUE buttons, then pressing 2, then pressing select.


      Now Sky+ is being controlled by both the IR from slingbox and via RF2 via TV magic eyes from elsewhere in the house. (Sky+ is using the 0 channel on the SPC4).


      SKY HD is being controlled by the TV magic eyes using the HD remote. (HD is using channel 2 on the SPC4).


      The problem now is that I cannot get the Sky HD slingplayer remote to control HD, becuase it's code is not "2", the same as the physical sky remote anymore. I have a TV magic eye right next to the slingbox IR transmitters so a signal is definately going to the HD RF2 from these IR transmitters.


      How can I change the SkyHD remote control to be code "2".



      Here is the link that shows how the SPC4 works.