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    WD TV Live and Slingbox Pro HD


      I recently purchased a WD TV Live so I could stream my media to our entertainment setup in the living room. As soon as I plugged it in and got it running I was elated to see that it had Slingbox featured on it that was great because I realized that I could buy another one and connect it to the projector I use for my back yard movie theatre and have live TV and access to all of my media without having to lug my PC outside. Then I started to think would it be possible to connect my WD TV Live to my Sling Box Pro HD and use it to access all of my media on my smart phone or any mobile PC using my phone's hot spot this would be a great feature and would probably qualify Slingbox as the best piece of  hardware in mytechnology arsenal. If anyone knows if this would be possible let me know any help at all would be greatly appreciated.