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    Pro HD vs Solo




      Disregarding the present streaming bug (with ios6 or whatever), whould I see any video quality difference between a Pro HD and a Solo on an iPad 3 on a fast wifi net streaming an HD channel?

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          Yes drastically.  I had the Solo and the quality was garbage.  Went back and bought the HD.

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              callanish Apprentice

              If you're streaming at home, then yes, there's a very noticeable difference in picture quality. The farther away from your slingbox though, streaming remotely to an iPad 3 is where it's not a slam dunk. Picture quality is better, because the pro hd can squeeze out a little bit faster speeds and the pro hd knows how to optimize picture quality a bit better, but in my opinion, it's only marginally better especially if you can only use the SD setting through the slingplayer app. Local viewing and regional viewing - no brainier! Go with the slingbox pro hd. Long distance remote viewing on an iPad - I'm still not convinced that the pro hd is worth it.