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    Slingbox Solo connects only sometimes, some remote locations WHY???


      Slingbox solo is intermittently not connecting after 3 years of running with no problems.  All lights are on.  Router is not new. And is working fine.  When we check, the slingbox is connecting remotely to a separate laptop at the host location (in the house, in another room).  However, it will no longer connect AT ALL on the home computer which runs the slingbox - keeps giving 'problem connecting' message.  And, intermittently it stops connecting to the remote site outside the home.  When we check, it still transmits remotely to the laptop which is in the home - so it is working.    We have turned off slingbox, reset the router, rebooted the computer which is transmitting.  Makes no difference!  Then after a day or so slingbox will suddenly start transmitting again to the remote site.  But it still cannot connect to the ‘host’ computer at the main site which means there is still a problem.  Any ideas??  We are baffled.

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          Here are more setails on the problem.


          A new problem with S/B viewing. This problem cropped up recently.


          The SlingBox is broadcasting fine locally to three computers in the house that are wired connected via (2 computers) Ethernet switch boxes and a (1 computer) MoCA connection.  Also it broadcasts to one computer via wireless 801N.  But my main computer is connected via Ethernet cable directly to my router and  has stopped connecting locally for some time now. Also the internet connection to the viewer out of country (Dubai) has mysteriously been unavailable for no apparent reason on three recent occasions. But suddenly, after a day or so and for no apparent reason, that connection will begin to work again.


          I am out of answers.

          Could it be my Malware software (Malwarebytes) or my Spyware (ESAT 5.0) on my main computer?


          Or could it be a router problem, like QOS setting?  I have been using a Buffalo G 300NH for several years with no similar problems until recently.