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    iPhone 5/iOS 6 and Slingplayer


      Hey guys.  I know I have seen a few messages about the iPhone 5/iOS 6 and Slingplayer.


      In my case, as soon as I transferred my data to the iPhone 5, Slingplayer no longer runs stable.


      After about 30 seconds of use, it brings up the spinning white indicator on a black background.  After 15 seconds or so, the video will resume.  This pattern will continue for a few mintues and then the app will totally crash.


      I have tried a reinstall without any issue.  I have also seen some people mention trying standard definition only, but I have not tried that yet.


      My crash log is attached if any of you is curious to compare.


      If any of the slingmedia staff happen to see this, I would appreciate any information you guys may have.  It seems like an update may be required by slingmedia to resolve these issues.  You have a great product that I have used for years and would love to be able to get back to it.