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    Can I restart the Slingbox remotely?


      I'm travelling for a few weeks, and to my dismay, the sound of the Slingbox is gone.   I get good quality video without a hitch, but there's no sound from either the iPhone, iPad or Mac.   I thought the first thing I should try is to restart the Slingbox, but can't figure a way to do this remotely?   Is there??    Thanks!

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          bobg8zwf Newbie

          I never found a way (a command that could be sent to cause a restart).


          So what I did was to plug the power brick into a timer. The timer is programmed to switch off the power once every 24 hours for about 1 min and then switch on again.


          That was my solution and it works ok. There are available some "ip" controlled power switches, which could serve a similar purpose, but they are expensive.


          If anybody knows a command that can be sent to a Slingbox to cause it to restart, then tell us!