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    I have been getting  no video signal for 3 days only goes up to 40kbps




      I have been using slingbox and now I am getting no video signal for 3 days.  I am in Kuwait and using VPN it was working find now 3 days no signal?? What shall I do?

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          callanish Apprentice

          When you are getting that low of bandwidth speed and a 'no video signal' on the screen, that tells me you've still connected to the slingbox, but the reason the streaming speed is so low is because there's no video or audio content coming from the slingbox side and that's probably due to your cable / sat box not turning on to stream the content. This could be due to an I.R blaster connection issue or a frozen cable / sat box which might need a reboot.


          Have you verified that the Cable / Sat box is actually turning on once you connect to the slingbox?


          That's the only thing I can think of when you are still seeing a streaming speed, but the 'no video signal' comes up on the screen. Happened to me when the I.R blasters failed on the Monsoon Hava platinum ( slingbox rival ) that I used to own.


          Just wondering, why are you running a VPN with the slingbox? I can understand having a VPN in the first place due to possible internet restrictions in Kuwait, but why are you using it with the slingbox. Seems that would slow things down unlike a Proxy server which would speed things up for you.