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    Does SlingBox AV work with Internet viewing


      Sorry if this in answered elsewhere, but I wanted to make sure the my Slingbox AV SHOULD work with Internet Viewing before I keep working on my problem.

      I have 3 Slingbox units that I haven't been using for a while. I am trying to install one here at the house for Internet Viewing, but can't make it work. Did a factory reset during the process to see if that helped. Only one unit is plugged in anywhere.  I deleted both the other units from my Slingbox directory to make sure  there was not an IP conflict (because the Support page on Sling was  showing incorrect information which I just noticed on this Forum is a  known problem.) Slingplayer and Internet Viewing work since the unit is local, but when I do the "Setup for Internet Viewing", it fails. I have followed the instructions on router port forwarding using the walk through. I have set the router to give a static IP address to the Slingbox.

      If it is supposed to work, any help would be appreciated.