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    Speed Issue...


      USA: Slingbox Solo connected to comcast digital tivo box.

      UK: Plusnet 20mb connection (averaging about 16mb download)

      UK: Thomson 801.11g wireless router

      Ipad / iphone.

      Last night I was watching the NFL between the hours of 6-9pm and the speed rarely got above 1000kbs Plusnet according to their website do not shape traffic for streaming at any time during the day.

      I was able to watch the game but not at the best quality.

      Does anyone have any tips on improving my speed?


      I got a hold of my brother who says his Comcast network has 30mb down and 10mb up!

      I also did a speedtest using a server near his house and it shows my download speed at 8mb. So no major issues with latency e.t.c

      Why am I getting only 400-600kbs download speeds!?