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    Slow upload speed


      My download speed is about 16.3mbps and upload is only 3.45mbps - is conversion my download speed is great but my upload is a little under 1mb is there a way I can use my sling box pro-hd with such a horrid upload speed? I have nothing running on my router at the moment except my sling, a friend is trying to connect to it but after about 1 min then disconnects, it's quite frustrating as I travel a lot during the summer... Is there anything I can do? Just a FYI I have a old linksys wireless g router and Comcast

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          An upload speed of 1 mbps from the network where your SB-HD is attached would probably be adequate for streaming standard definition video, but probably not fast enough for streaming high definition video.  For high def, you would want to have upload speeds of at least 4 mbps.   You might check with your Internet Service Provider to see if they can increase your upload speed without charging you a whole lot more in monthly fees.   Sometimes, the cable connecting your modem to the outside world could be weak -- for example, if there are a lot of splitters or filters or a not-tight-enough connection in the system.  I doubt that the router is the culprit, and most likely not the cable modem either.   But Comcast should be able to test -- and my Comcast techs can even do the test remotely -- to verify the strength of signal reaching your modem and what upload speeds should be achievable.