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    MLB with Slingbox


      Hi I am very interested in getting a slingbox to watch Braves games. I go to school in Georgia and I do not have access to a TV. I am unable to use MLB.tv because of annoying blackout restrictions; that is why I am interested in Slingbox. My family live in a suburb of Atlanta and we get every Braves game there. My question is: is it possible to stream MLB games with a slingbox?


      I was reading that MLB was trying to put this to an end so I just want to make sure I can defintely do this before I purchase.



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          shaysfn Novice

          Hey mrb1946,


          Thanks for using our Answers Forum.  I understant that your a huge Braves fan and don't want to miss any games.  The Slingbox would be perfect for you.  Any channel that you get on your cable box, can be viewed via the internet anywhere in the world when you connect the Slingbox.



          The above link explains how to contact our support anywhere in the world.  Since you are based in the US, the number you would call would be 877-GoSling (877-467-5464) and our hours of operation are 10am to 10pm est., 7 days a week.  


          Hope this helps.




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