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    Issue connecting on an iPhone 5 when both WiFi and LTE are connected


      I would like to report a bug that I am pretty sure you guys will really want to get on top of...related to the new iPhone 5 and Verizon (and possible other carrier) LTE Networks and the SlingPlayer iOS Mobile App on the iPhone 5.

      On a new iPhone 5, if connected to *both* Verizon's LTE Network, *and* Wi-Fi at the same time, when the SlingPlayer app is launched, it gives an error that no internet connection is found.


      If LTE is turned off (so just a regular 3G connection is present), or if Wi-FI is disconnected or turned off...it plays fine.

      Ironically, when it has TWO fast internet connections, it says none is found, but if one of them is disconnected (or if LTE is switched down to 3G) it connects fine.


      I have tested with a few friend's new phones on Verizon's LTE network, so it is not specific to my phone or account (or Sling Box).


      And it works fine over just LTE...until you connect to WiFi at the same time.


      This really needs to be fixed ASAP.  It is a *very* common scenario to be connected to LTE and WiF at the same time.


      Please FIX!


      I just added a screenshot...notice that the message says there is no internet connection, even though it shows a Verizon AND WiFi signal.  It has TWO internet connections.  If I disable one of them, it works.  If I keep both enabled, the app falsely indicates there is NO connection.


      PLEASE FIX THIS!  It is driving me insane.