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    Problem connecting two singboxes to same ubee modem


      I wonder if anyone has any hints here.  I have both a ProHD and a Classic.  I have had them both connected to the same router and had port forwarding working for both.  And they worked fine.


      I recently switched to RR Extreme, and was provided with the Ubee DOCSIS cable modem/router combo.  Now, I can't seem to get both to set up and forwarded correctly.  There seems to be a hidden conflict.


      I can set each up individually.  If it's the only slingbox on the network, it works fine, and forwarding is fine.   But, if I try and set both up and forward both, then only the ProHD ever works.  The Classic gives me the message that it can't be found (if I look remotely for it) and if I do another setup, I just get the message that Internet viewing can't be set up.   But, if I disable forwarding to the ProHD, the Classic begins working again.


      I have confirmed that the slingboxes have unqie IP addresses and different ports they are set up to use.  I try one at 5001 and one at 5002.  I try swapping those ports.  I even try making one of the ports use 443 (all the while ensuring that during slingbox setup, i'm making sure to edit the IP/ports of the slingbox setup interface to match what I forward on the ubee interface.  But only ProHD ever works.


      Has this happened to anyone else, or does anyone have an idea what I might try next?  This worked with different routers, so is there a setting on the ubee beyond just the port forwarding I need to select?


      Thanks for any help/