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    Slingplayer for connected devices for SLINGBOX PRO request!


      I'm feeling betrayed!


      I'm among of the first Slingbox PRO buyers and It still working very fine. But now, that I want to use the WDTV to watch it, I can't because Sling Media left it aside? I went to the Slingbox site and the solution so far looks like to be to trow the old and reliable Slingbox PRO into the trash can and buy everything again? Is this the policy of the Sling Media with your loyal customers?


      I have a question that may be someone could help me to find an answer: Is it a final decision that Sling Media will not support the Slingbox PRO in the Slingplayer for Connected Devices? In the compatibility chart is written N/A. Should I understand that it will be available some day?


      If I really have to trow the Slingbox PRO in the trash the natural decision will be to buy a new box will from another brand.


      Any one else has this problem?