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    Slingplayer drops to 632/692kbps randomly


      Hi all,

           I thought I would reach out to everyone to see if any others have had this issue. I have the new Ipad and Slingplayer installed.  I have a Slingbox Pro HD that is connected to a wireless adapter and have never really had any issues with randomly dropped connections.  I have a 30MB down/5MB up broadband connection so my speeds should not be an issue. 


      Recently, I have noticed that I am getting random dropped connections down to either 632 or 692kbps and the spinning wheel starts up. Then about 10 seconds later it will start to buffer up again and I am back in good shape.  I always show the 3 green dots so I know my configuration isn't an issue.


      What is peculiar about this is the fact that it is a "quick drop"...meaning it doesn't start to slow down gradually.  Is there something meaningful about the 632 or 692kbps number?  I was hoping that might help troubleshoot the issue.  I rebooted the slingbox and the wireless adapter.  I don't experience any of these issues while accessing the Slingbox from my laptop so it has to be something with the iPad.  FYI...this is happening on my LOCAL network, not remote which is even more concerning. 


      Please don't send me links to the stock Slingbox support materials...I have already looked at all of that and I am confident my setup is not the issue.  More interested in hearing from others who may have experience the drop outs on the iPad and what to do in terms of troubleshooting.

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          I have the exact same issue.


          I have an  Ipad3 with Sling player connected to a Linksys E3500 N wireless network.  I have tested the internet speed on this network and I have 10-17 Mbps down and 3-7 Mbps up.  At home I have a SlingBox Pro HD connected to a Linksys E3200 N network with a Linksys WAP610N wireless N access point.  I get similar internet speed results when testing this network.


          I have no problem when viewing on my Dell desktop or when viewing on my laptop.  I also have no problem when viewing on my IPad when at home on the same network as my SlingBox.


          the problem only exists when viewing over the internet on my Ipad.  I have three dots, and the speed steadily climbs to 2500 - 3500 kbps.  Then suddenly, the speed drops to 632 kbps, and the picture goes black for a few seconds.  Then the speed picks back up and the picture resumes.  It is a continuous cycle of up and down.


          Also, I don't seem to have any problem streaming other video, such as live video from Xfinity.


          I've tried everything suggested in the help, even upgraded from and E1200 router to an E3200 router to see if that would solve the problem.


          At least I'm not alone, maybe Sling will see that there is more than one person with this issue and look for a solution.  Hope someone out there can help.

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              sgt1577 Newbie

              Don't feel bad! You are not alone. I have been having the same problem and they don't seem to care. $30 app, what a waste of money!


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                  yes, I am very dissappointed.  I am having this data stream issue, plus the issue with HQ being disabled.


                  I am about at the point or requesting my money back for both hardware and software.  They cannot deliver what they advertised.  See below directly from their website.  The product does not deliver.  I am a pretty calm person, but this is really starting to irritate me.  Clearly both of these issues are not my problem, as there are others on this board with the same problems.  Not comment from Sling on the data stream problems.  Very little comment from Sling on the disabling of iPad HQ.


                  Trying to watch F1 practice right now and it pauses and re-buffers every minute or so, really stinks



                  Slingbox Pro-HD


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                  SlingPlayer for iPad


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                  "HIGH-RESOLUTION VIEWING

                  Enjoy stunning high-quality video on the iPad's high-resolution display using Apple's HTTP Live Streaming, which ensures the clearest picture possible for the available network conditions"

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                  Same problem here.  Using ipad3 with Apple Extreme router.  Seems to drop every 30~45 seconds.

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                  Same iPad problem. Slingplayer Pro-HD

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                    stevesmith99 Newbie






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                      I have the same problem here with the Hd Pro using the ipad app.  As soon as it drops down it buffers for 30 seconds, sometimes comes back in SQ, sometimes I just have to restart.  Between this problem and the prior issue with no HQ or Auto on ios6, I'm ready to toss the thing in the trash.

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                        Same problem here...a few other posts exist where people have the same problem of intermitent HQ.  This is pretty ridiculous. 

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                          So, tech support...clearly there is a problem with the HQ setting running on the ipad with ios6.  Can you acknowledge that there is a problem and give an ETA on a solution?

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                              stevesmith99 Newbie


                              *     Stream works fine in SD on my iPad streaming between 1500 and 2000mbps

                              *     Stream works fine in HD on my mac streaming between 1500 and 2000mbps

                              *     Stream works fine in SD on my mac streaming between 1500 and 2000mpbs


                              NOT WORKING

                              *     Stream has issues in HD on my iPad trying to stream at between 632 to 1500mbps



                              *     We can assume there are no network issues at either end i.e. location where my HD-Pro is based, or where I am located with the Slingplayer as :

                                             - I am receiving data at between 1500 and 2000mpbs on the mac in both SD and HD

                                             - and I am receiving data again between 1500 and 2000mbps in SD mode on the iPad

                              *     We can assume there is no problem with the encryption of the HD stream within the HD-Pro itself, as everything works fine on my mac.

                              *     As only the HD stream is encrypted, we must therefore assume the problem is related to the decryption of the HD stream within the iPad player as the stream works acceptable data throughput rates in SD, being unencrypted.



                              Problems started when Sling updated their back end servers ready for the launch of the new Sling 350 and 500.  I suspect changes have been made within the encryption algorthem which is why we needed a firmware updates to the HD-Pro and Solo and new player apps from the app store.



                              I really do believe there is an issue within the iPad decryption, but doubt Sling will enter into communication on the subject, let alone admit it !

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                                  lkodk Newbie

                                  Jeez SlingMedia,


                                  Just like many others I was through all the trouble with the SQ quality only, and now this.

                                  Yesterday I needed to use my Slinbox from my iPad on the distance, and I simply wasn't able to get a decent quality.

                                  At first I thought that it was either my ISP at home or the ISP were I was, even though speedtests on the  ISP I was connected to was fine.


                                  Today I began to do a little more troubleshooting.
                                  To begin with I checked your Systems Status which says All services are working fine!

                                  So I started all sorts of tests, but could conclude that I´only have problems from my iPad, and now I find this thread, where I can see I am definately not alone.

                                  If your systems are not running fine, please do not have this on your systems status page!


                                  I have a Slingbox PRO-HD running firmware 2.1.370

                                  From my iPad 3 (ios6) running in SD I get around 1300 Kbps - 2000 Kbps with 2 green dots

                                  Switching to Auto/HQ the stream drops to 632 Kbps with 4 green dots and continous rebuffering as a result.


                                  Also the app on my iPad always starts on SQ quality, indicating something's wrong.


                                  Connecting from my PC on the same remote network as I did the above tests from my iPad, I have no problems.

                                  Bandwith is considered as Excellent, varying between 1800-2050 Kbps and picture quality is as expected without any rebuffering.


                                  So it cannot be my bandwith at my ISP at home, and it cannot be the bandwith of the ISP I am located at right now, and this pretty much confirm stevesmith99 findings.


                                  So SlingMedia, please fix this ASAP. And something you should have learned from the previous problems with you downgrading the quality is: Communicate!
                                  Please acknowledge this problem or give us some indication that you are working on this.




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                                      Same exact issues as last post.  I have a slingcatcher in the same remote location getting 4500kbps.  When switch to ipad get 632-1300 with frequent buffering and freezing and failure to be able to skip back on my Tivo feed.  Since the upload from Tivo at home, and download at my current location are the same for slingcatcher and ipad, clearly only the ipad app is the problem.  Even worse on Auto then on HQ.

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                                        lkodk Newbie

                                        Hey SlingMedia!


                                        Any update from your side??

                                        This expensive piece of .... software is still not working.


                                        I like the fact that you apparantly have removed the service status from yout support pages because your customers have complained about you not telling the truth on there.
                                        But what about actually fixing the issues???

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                                            lkodk Newbie



                                            Tonight I tried to do a factory reset of my PRO HD box.
                                            Now I am able to get the streaming up above the 632 kbps on AUTO on remote network, in fact I can get it to around 2000 kbps, just like on SQ, which also correspond to my upload speed. It is diffcult to say what the speed is when choosing HQ, because the app doesn't show the speed on HQ.

                                            Strange thing is that there is NO difference whatsoever in the picture quality between the three different settings. HQ/AUTO is exactly the same poor picture as on SQ.

                                            And it has nothing to do with the streaming bandwidth, because still, on the exact same remote network, I can get a crisp picture with the same speed on my Mac.


                                            On the 3.1 app on iPhone5 it never goes above 1000 kbps though. I do not get it.


                                            What is going on here?

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                                      There seem to be exactly the same problem with the SB Solo. Ipad streaming ok at home wifi but from outside it is spinning wheel all the time in HQ mode. Using the same external network with PC and Mac gives me streaming up to 5000k and very good picture


                                      Please fix!

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                                        Wanted to add my name to the list on this problem. Slingbox on Auto or HD, seems to be running wall at 1600-2000+, then suddenly drops to 692 and buffering starts. Sometimes it corrects, but 9/10 times I need to restart the app. Has anybody found a fix for this? Anything from Sling?


                                        Ipad3, Airport Express (newest), 20MB down connection, HD Pro Slingbox.



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                                          Same problem here.

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                                            So I haven't used my Slingbox in a while but since I'll be working graveyard this month I thought I'd try a few things ... And well, after DMZ'ing my Slingbox LAN IP, I am now getting flawless HD streaming rock steady at 4032 kps. So far, so good.