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    Can anyone help me with some basic questions about Slingbox?


      I am considering ordering Slingbox, but I have some questions...

      1) With the Pro-HD can two people watching TV (i.e. my brother in the states and me on my Mac overseas) at the same time watch different channels?

      2) I am currently overseas...can I set up Slingbox in the states (my brother will set it up for me) and view it on my Mac? Or did I have to set it up in the states before I left?

      3) What about DVR? Can I watch a DVR program while someone else is watching live TV?

      4) Wireless router...is it better to use Ethernet or wiresless?


      I'm sure I will have more questions. Thank you for your help

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          Most of my questions have been answered through the "related questions" box on the side. I still need a couple questions answered...


          1) With HD-Pro, can I watch a DVR program (overseas on my Mac) simultaneously while someone (in the states) is watching "live" TV?


          2) Can I watch a program (i.e. a football game....Dallas vs. Green Bay) simultaneously while someone is watching another program (i.e. a baseball game....Angeles vs NY) ?

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            This depends on your set up. If the Slingbox is set up through a cablebox that also connects to a tv set, then the answer is no, as the cablebox can only broadcast one channel at the time. However if the Slingbox gets its tv channel independently from a cable box then you can watch one channel through the Slingbox (overseas or wherever) and the tv at home can show another channel.

            In my home this is no longer possible as Comcast has gone 100 % digital and for any tv device at home (including the Slingbox) you need a cablebox or a DTA (Digital Transport Adaptor).

            You could get a cable box specifically for the Slingbox that is not connected to a tv, but choose a room were there is no other cable box as the remote control signals would act on both cable boxes.

            I have connected the Slingbox to the cable box in the guestoom which is not used often. as a matter of fact I have two slingboxes at home plus a slingbox in Europe allowing me to watch tv from the US and from Europe. The slingbox in Europe will soon be replaced by a Vulkano Lava which will make it easy to watch the European tv directly on my tv here in the US without a computer or Ipad.

            I hope this answers your question.