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    No audio.


      Hi, I bought my Slingbox HD Pro last week. One at a time I tried to connect it to Dreambox 8000 PRV, Altibox Cabel Supplier (Motorola 1910 http://www.altibox.no/privat/kundeservice/brukerveiledninger )and DVD player. All my products have necessary out connections and I checked it, their A/V Out works with other devices. (like monitor additional Tv etc. ) Both locally and over internet I have no problems viewing but I have no audio. I connected with PC (all audio is functioning otherwise) and using Slingbox App on my Ipad 2 (all audio is functioning otherwise). I have good visual but not audio. I have, in case I had done it wrong for the first time two accounts at Slinbox.com. I have the latest software in Slynbox.
      Is there any way to check advanced adjust audio settings on my slingbox account Pc or Ipad?
      Can you please help me?
      There is no remote for Dream Multimedia 8000 HD PRV on your list. I am using Dreambox 7025i. It works but it does not have all functions, such as PRV and Meny.