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    Slingbox Pro network light out & will not reset!


      Is my Slingbox Pro dead?  The network light is off and it will not reset.  I get message it is not connected when I try to access it through the Slingbox website.  It used to work fine with all the same connections.


      I have verified the following:

      1.  The unit is connected correctly to internet router (direct cat 5 cable), verified the cable good.

      2.  I unplugged and reconnected power and cables several times.  Power and Slingbox lights come on but network light doesn't come on and doesn't even blink.

      3.  I tried to reset the slingbox but nothing happens when I push the reset button.  The power lignts and Slingbox lights remain lit and solid.


      I tried all the steps above again without the TV cable input connected and got the exact same results.


      What should I do now?