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    Reactivate remotes.slingbox.com !! ASAP


      I changed my Sat-Receiver and the new one does not have remote codes in the library. The old one did not have any too, but I could simply learn all the codes from the original remote by using the page remotes.slingbox.com . Seems like that page is down for some weird reason (why kill the old one when the new one is NOT ready ?) The only way left is using some "JP1 learning remotes" whatever they are..


      THIS IS JUST NOT RIGHT ! (Just not to swear)


      Reactivate that remotes page so I can learn new codes directly with the slingbox. ASAP!


      Actually the slingbox is of absolutely NO USE when I cannot change the channel ! The JP1-Remote way described is even more complex that it was with the remotes.slingbox.com pages. Also it requires me to buy additional gadgets that I can't get bcs I don't live in the states.


      WHY O WHY would you do that ?