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    Flickering contrast when watching Slingbox


      Hello Everyone,


      I have owned a Slingbox Pro HD for the last 2 year and have had no issues.  I recently purchased a new Dell Latitude E6230 and when I watch the Slingbox on this computer the video quality is fine but the contrast seems to slightly flicker every 3-5 seconds, not terrible, but annoying enough for me to pose this question.  I first thought that maybe it was the computer's hardware that caused this issue.  However, after watching Youtube, and other web based videos the aforementioned issue has not occured.  I have had the new computer for well over a month.  Additionally, when I have watched the Slingbox on other computers the slight flickering contrast issue has not occurred.  Based on the fact that the issue only occurs on the specific computer and only when watching video on the slingbox website it leads me to believe there may be an issue with the application.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!