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    1 Week out of warranty and audio/video begins freezing but not remote


      I have had my Slingbox Pro-HD for one year and one week (Yes, just 53 weeks!) and now my Slingbox is out of warranty and I'm having issues with it randomly freezing.


      It doesn't matter if I am watching through the watch.slingbox.com, on my android tablet, phone or through the Windows Desktop software. It will randomly freeze up. Sometimes it works for 3 minutes then freezes, other times it's 2 hours. The symptoms are always the same. The video will freeze, the audio will stop BUT I can press a button on the remote and when I re-connect, it will have responded to the button I clicked on the remote. Though this helps me when it does (so the program doesn't keep playing, instead it pauses when I noticed it to freeze) it is still a challenge to watch without knowing when this will occur.


      I have tried everything from having it automatically determine the quality of video to use to setting it to QVGA, QVG, Best, Best/HD and they all produce the same thing. Literally 3 weeks ago this was not happening. This only occurs whenever outside of the location of the SlingBox, though I rarely use it at the location it is at, so it may occur there as well.


      I contacted support and they believed that I needed to open ports in my router. I did that and then reported back that I was still having the problem. They said that there isn't anything that would indicate a problem with the SlingBox, and that I should connect directly via ethernet cable to see if I have the issue then. I have attempted to watch SlingBox via a hard wire connection to my router but I experience the same random freezing as I did when the client was connected via wireless. The SlingBox is directly connected to the router via ethernet cable, no wireless access point is involved.


      I have even set up a continual ping to the remote IP address while watching and the delay has never gone above 85ms whenever the problem occurs. The speeds for the source and client connections are:

      Source (where the SlingBox is): 8MBPS Down/ 1.5MBPS Up

      Client (Where i'm watching it from): 11MBPS Down (Burst to 20MBPS for first 20MB) / 3MBPS Up

      There is nothing else that is connected to either of the networks other than the computer I'm watching it on and the SlingBox. When it freezes, the SlingBox shows that a client is connected and I am immediately able to disconnect and reconnect to the SlingBox using either the method I was using or one of the many other ways I am able to connect to it.


      I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what they have done to resolve it.

      I find this very frustrating that I have only had it for 53 weeks (one week out of the SB warranty) and it is now failing. It is almost a planned obsolescence scenario (Google it).