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    Slingbox Pro will not reset


      Hi Gang,


      I hope that you can help me with some issues that I have been having with my Sling Box Pro-HD.


      During the last couple of days, I have observed the following problems:


      1. Slingbox SD Audio failed.  Checked cable, no help, cable is good. 
      2. Slingbox lost network connection...network light will not flash or come on steady after reset or power on/off attempt.
      3. The "Sling Light" that illuminates in the rainbow pattern sequentially when connected to a viewer remains illuminated continuously.
      4. SlingBox will not reset despite holding the reset button down for 30+ seconds
      5. Obviously, unable to connect/view SlingBox over the network or internet


      On the brightside.....my SB video is still working!


      Any help or suggestions appreciated!