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    Slingbox Plugged in but no power


      my slingbox is plugged in and set up i just moved it from one home to another and once set up and plugged in there is no power to it ive tried to unplug it and plug it back in but still nothing any help is greagtly appreciated

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          I have the same problem with my Slinbox HD Pro.  I tested the power adapter and it reads 5V even.  Plug it into the box and nothing. No lights no nothing. Only 9 months old. Any help?  Internal fuse?

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              I just got off the phone with tech support - due to no power. When I plug in the adapter the power light comes on then goes out.


              The question I was asked was what brand of power supply did I have. When I said the V-Infinity the tech stated, "We're going to send you a new box." I wasn't expecting that they would send me another box. Must be a refurbished one.


              Must be the type of power adapters originally provided. 13 days before the one year anniversary! It will arrive via UPS in 3-5 days. 

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              I also had "Slingbox Plugged in but power light will not light up."


              - I tried plugging the power supply directly into a wall outlet.  No change, no power light.

              - I tried pressing the reset button and holding it for 30 seconds. No change, no power light.

              - I measured the output of the power supply with a volt meter. 5 Volts.

              - When unplugging and reconnecting the power supply, I would occassionally get blinking red power light for up to 10 seconds, then no power light.

              - I called Slingbox at 1-877-GOSLING. I was on hold for 45 minutes.

              - After simple troubleshooting (hold the reset button for 30 seconds, etc.), the tech asked me the brand name of the power supply. V-Infinity,

              - The tech gave me an RMA number.  Slingbox will send me a replacement.


              I like the Slingbox and the tech did his job very well.



              / Jim