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    Watch.com won't connect to slingbox


      I started experiencing problems 2 days ago.  Everything was working fine and then all of a sudden I either could not connect with Slingbox to login or could login but could not connect to Watch.  When attempting to Watch, I receive an error message which states, "unable to connect to your slingbox, please make sure the box is powered on and plugged into the network".  I read through the discussions concerning the Sling servers being down but I'm still unable to connect. I have tried all the following:

      - Log onto Watch on two remote computers located away from the slingbox. 

      - Log onto Watch on my mobile device.  My mobile device is on the same network as the Slingbox Player.

      - Reset the Sling box

      - Replaced the cables connecting the Slingbox to the other devices

      All lights on the slingbox are on and everything appears to be powered up and operational.


      Where do I go from here?