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    Using On-Screen Controls Freeze Slingplayer


      Hello. I just bought a Logitech Revue since it was one of the recommended devices to use. I am having an issue with the picture freezing when I want to change the channel. When I change the channel, the picture freezes but the audio still continues to play. I'm not sure what else to do. I checked to make sure I had everything updated, but I still have the issue. Are there any fixes that I can do? It is quite annoying to disconnect and reconnect to get the picture to work again.




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          Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the Revue has performance issues with the slingplayer and it doesn't look like the problem will ever be fixed. If you can, return it for either the Vizo Co-Star or one of Sony's GoogleTV models. We Revue users have been experiencing this problem ever since the Revue got the O.S upgrade to 3.2 rendering the slingplayer useless. Sounds like you are running O.S 3.1, because it was usable, but buggy with the freezing issue you are currently experiencing. Unfortunately, It's not something that's going to get fixed, because it's been a while now and I think Google, Sling and Logitech have thrown in the towel on this issue with this hardware.


          Just know that I've heard that the Vizio Co-Star ( from users on the forum ) and the Sony NSZ-GS7 ( from personal experience ) works fine with the slingbox without any of the freezing issues you are experiencing.


          See this thread :