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    Can See Cable Box Menu but No Video


      All of a sudden I no longer see video.  However, I can see the cable box menu and screens.  Any ideas?  I am in Asia and unable to get access to the hme system in the USA.  Iy has been woring fine for years.


      Thank you in advance for any ideas.

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          cjiwa Newbie

          I'm having the opposite problem. I can see the video but am not getting the cabel box menus. Is this perhaps a bug in the Slingplayer software?

          I happen to be in Asia as well and do not have quick access to my Slingbox.

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              alanrichey42 Master

              For both of you, if you are seeing a picture on your screen, regardless of whether it is the menu or the video, it cannot be a problem with the Sling system.  Something has happened to your Cable boxes.   My bet is that your TV Provider has done some sort of over-the-air firmware update that has changed something.


              Seeing the Menus but no video is unusual.  Are you sure it just isn't the IR Blaster not working (failed/unplugged/...) and you are simply stuck on that screen ?


              Seeing the video and not the Menus is relatively common.  A lot of manufactures output menus ONLY on the TV feed and not any other outputs on the basis that those outputs are being used to record programs and therefore have no need of menus.