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    Resetting Admin Password on the Solo


      I have gone through all the procedures to reset the administrator passwords and non of them have worked.   Even after a full reset, when the program came back up it regnized the old settings thus the password that I cannot remember.


      Can anyone give me some pointers on how to eliminate/reset the administrator password?  Without telling me the standard reset for 5 seconds, each time I do this it defauts back tot he original settings.



        • Re: Resetting Admin Password on the Solo

          This work for me. When you reset  your box it looks like it's defaulting to original configuration. This is why it's asking for Admin Password. The first thing you need to do is remove your box from directory. You can do this by going to slingbox.com    on top is your e mail address click on that it will open a window. Click on Slingbox Directory Remove your box from directory. Then go back to setup.slingbox.com to re configure your box and your passwork. Good luck