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    Audio, no video from any input


      My Slingbox worked for a couple of years, but now is no longer working. I thought it had to do with the cable box and new software installed on it a few months ago. However, I no longer believe that is the case. Hadn't had time until today to investigate fully.


      I get audio, but no video from any input coming from the cable box -  composite, s-video or component. When I connect the the coaxial cable from the cable company directly to the Slingbox (eliminating the cable box altogether) and run the setup scanning for channels there is still no video.


      My conclusion is that the Slingbox is defective, but have no way to absolutely confirm that. Anything else I might try? If it is broken, does anyone know about getting repair done? I could take it apart and poke around, but am not sure what I'd be looking for.


      Thanks for your help.