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    can't find remote for Videotron 4K recorder from Samsung

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      I just replaced my Videotron PVR terminal to a model designated 4K manufactured by Samsung. The model number is GX-VD940CJ, probably specific to this cable supplier. The older cable box worked fine with my M1.

      I have tried several models of terminals trying to find the closest working one without much success; as an example, some remote have the Videotron skin but if I press the LIST button it doesn't work, but the channel +/- is working.

      Some remotes have a limited number of buttons an a black skin.

      This Samsung terminal can be configured for two types of remote: type A or B. I am assuming that Videotron uses the same remote control with different cable box manufacturers.

      What is the closest remote I could use? do SlingBox has to produce a new file for this model?