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    Can i use the slingbox out of the country and not interrupt my families viewing?


      I just purchased the slingbox. I will be working out of the country. Is there a means of setting up the slingbox so that it will not interrupt my families viewing as I may want to watch something different?

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Chriswiesehan,



          It's possible to sling in and not disturb your family, but you'll need to set things up so a separate video source is available to you.



          The quick explanation is that Slingbox is a TV without a screen (it borrows your computer for that).  If you connect two regular TVs to one video source with a splitter-- let's say a cable box-- you're going to see the same thing on both screens.


          That's what is happening to you now.



          Now, let's say you you have two cable boxes.  Connect each TV to it's own cable box and you can watch different things at the same time.


          This, or some variation, is what you need to set up.  One source forces you to watch the same thing, two or more sources allows you to watch different things.



          With the Pro HD, you've got three basic options:


          - Order a second cable/sat box for the Slingbox.  This will let you watch everything you can now without disturbing anyone.  Your family can connect a TV to the new box using the Pro HD's output connections if they like.  The second box will be shared as it is now, but it will let them watch when you're not connected or join you when you are.


          - If they have cable, and analog basic or unencrypted digital (QAM) channels are included as part of their service, you can hook coax from the wall to the Pro HD's tuner and watch that.  This won't interfere with your family's viewing, it would be just like connecting a second TV in a different room up to cable.   It requires no box and only works if they have cable service with analog or clear QAM channels coming down the coax.  Satellite TV won't work at all this way.


          - If your family is in broadcast range of local TV stations you like, you can hook an antenna up to the Pro HD's tuner input and pull down whatever signals are floating in the air.  The Pro HD can handle the new digital TV (ATSC) broadcasts on it's own.




          Hope this helps !



          - Az