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    Issue with HD Content



      I have just started having problems with my slingbox whenever I view an HD stream. For many months the desktop software has been working like a dream. Just last week it started to have problems where if I paused the stream, it would buffer and once I resumed playing, it would skip ahead about 1-3 seconds every 30-45 seconds. My Slingbox Pro-HD is just out of warranty (try 3 days!) and it's starting to fail on me. This is very aggrevating and the only answer I got from support was "Check your port forwarding" so I did that. Then they told me that I'd need to be at the remote location to try and reproduce the issue. I have recreated the issue but they feel strongly that it is my download and upload speeds. At the physical location of the Slingbox, the download upload is 11MBPS down and 2MBPS up on a DSL connection. At the watching location, the speeds are 20MBPS down and 8MBPS up. I am really surprised that they were able to just dismiss it and say "there's nothing we can do through chat, can you call back tomorrow?" come to find out it was closing time, and they were just rushing me off of the chat. What really sucks is that was the last day of my warranty. I haven't tried calling back yet because I'm really not sure what all else I will be poised with checking. Add to the whole scenario, I can stream HD on my tablet or phone just fine and in Internet Explorer too without any issues of this jumping around. It's only in the desktop application (which is my most preferred method) that it does this skipping.


      Does anyone have any suggesstions as to what else I should check or other ideas as to what could be the cause of this? It seems mighty suscipicious that it would suddenly start having problems right as the warranty is out. Thankfully I have an extended warranty, no questions asked so I may have to execute that, unfortunately.


      Looking forward to hearing from you all.