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    Power light shuts off after 5 seconds


      I was having trouble connecting to my slingbox, so i unplugged and plugged back in the power to the sling box. All the lights light up or flash and then after 5 seconds or so they all shut off for good. Is this a falty sling box or am i not resetting it properly?



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          I am having the same issue w my HD Pro.  After 5 seconds, Power & Network Lights turn off.  

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            Same issue here... box worked great for about 4 months... now plug it up and the power and network light work for 5 seconds, then fade... any resolution??

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              same here, originally i guess it is the problem with my adaptor,

              i went to buy a new one, it still have the same problem. What can i do?

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                I get the same error.... I think my slingbox was died... I will try to use a warranty services...


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                  Same issue. This is unacceptable.

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                    I have only had mine 3 months.

                    I went to Rat Shack and tried a different adapter... no luck... so apparently it is not the common problem of the power adapter... I called sb support... apparently it is a common problem, although I asked and he said "well, it doesn't seem to be a wide-spread issue", we will send you a new unit.  Just based on the complaints on this site, it seems pretty **** wide-spread to me.... there are several OTHER threads about it on this forum.

                    He gave me the option of ground shipping for "free"... I guess I could have had it rushed.  He also had to have my credit card number in case I didn't send the old one back.

                    Seems like if this is a common issue, they should rush it with no questions asked.... with a new unit that has whatever this power issue is, FIXED!!

                    I didn't ask, but assume that the 1 year warranty is only good from my ORIGINAL purchase date, so if these units keep going out, I am gonna have a real case of the a$$ with slingbox!!

                    As a side note, I knew this when I bought the box... but a NEW - HD - device with no HDMI...?? WTF??  Guess it's the best we can do for now, huh?

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                      barbaraharwood Newbie

                      Hi emb320 and Friends,


                      Thank you for contacting Slingbox.  I am sorry you are having power issues.


                      It sounds like you may want to contact us to trouble shoot the issue. Please contact us at Contact Sling Media Support.  You can call us at 1-877-GO-SLING.


                      Looking forward to hearing from you!


                      Have a great day!

                      Sling Moderation Team

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                          Slingbox Moderation Team,


                          I'm having the same issues as all other the other people on this thread. My Pro-HD was bought on 5/22/12 and it's already broken.  This Slingbox was purchased because I'm living in Germany now and now I have this total hassle on my hands trying to figure out how to fix this which is unacceptable.  I cannot find an international phone number or email address on your website for someone in a situation like myself.  Please provide with the necessary information so I can resolve this instead of putting this on the responsibility of someone in the U.S. 





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                              beckifields Novice

                              Hello eyagley,

                              Thanks for reaching out to us in the land of the Forums.  I do apologize are having issues with your Slingbox,   I do need to inform you that as frustrating as it is, if the device was purchased here in the US, then it will need to be set up for repair here in the US.  I 100% understand the inconvenience of having to have someone over here call on your behalf, but that is the only set up that we have to offer you.  The main reason for this is that US devices are different than UK devices.


                              Since the device is in the States, then the person who is living with the Slingbox can call in, and we will simply set up the RMA and send them a replacement device.  Once they get the replacement device, they can even call us back, and we will walk them through the entire process of setting it up if they need help.


                              Please be advised that whoever is calling in on your behalf, will need the name on the account, your email address, and a credit card to put on file when the RMA is set up.  As long as the defective device is sent back to us within 30 days, no charges will be made, and the credit card will be removed from your file.


                              • Contact Sling Media Support



                              Hope this Helps!


                              The Slingbox Moderation Team


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                            Mine is doing the same after a bad smell like fried electronics. Purchased it in sept 2012... I Would like to upgrade to the 500.. Need to call customer support