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    SlingBox Can't Be Located


      We recently had to exchange our SlingBox for a new one due to some powerup issues. Upon trying to connect the new box (using the exact same configuration as before) we can't get it to be recognized on the network. We were plugging the Ethernet cable into a Netgear Universal Wifi Adapter with great results before. Have done the Hard reset on the SB, and on the Netgear. We have tried the setup (under the online Watch menu) with both an iMac and PC laptop and neither can find it.  All lights are showing connections on both and upside down "U" is doing slow red pulsing. Main network at house is through Airport and a Linksys Cable modem. Is it possible that it is connecting to a neighbors' wifi? Not sure what else to try to troubleshoot as we have been all over the web looking for answers. Especially since last time (May) the initial hookup was so easy.

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          Hey I have the same problem with the Power up.  My slingbox Pro-HD just stopped working...I am trying to find out now how I can get it replaced It is comeing up on a year so the store won't exchange it...how did you get yours replaced?  Thanks.

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              We had the extra warranty at BestBuy... but only had ours since May, so it should have been covered by the manufacturer. Still can't figure out how to get this new one to be recognized by our network though.

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                  Hi, I bought a new sb after the old one stopped working.  The easiest way I found to get all of my family's laptops to recognize the new one was to log into my slingbox.com account from each laptop.  Once on the site select "watch" from the top toolbar.  Hopefully it will find it for you like it did me. After that first time login to the website from each laptop you should be able to bypass the website.  Good luck.

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                      Thanks - we have been trying to do that, but it seems that the Slingbox can't be found on the network by any of our computers. Yet all the lights show it is on a network. Only thing I can think of it that it is connecting to a neighbors network, but would be nice to be able to choose the network it connects to. And on my computer, all the available networks are locked, so not sure it sould be able to connect to others. ?? May have to call customer service for this one.

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                  keith.sling Apprentice

                  Hello brandonrolfes,


                  I'm sorry about the inconvenience you're having. It sounds like you will need to delete the previous Slingbox from the directory within your account online. Here is a link from our support page which explains how to use the Profile/Slingbox directory within your account:








                  Once you remove the previous Slingbox, the new one should be recognized!



                  Hope this helps!




                  The Sling Moderation Team

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                      Thank you Kwhit.


                      I have successfully deleted the old SB.


                      Now my wife's lap top (mac pro) goes

                      directly to our home TV but when I try

                      on my Macbook Air, I get an error message

                      telling me that my current web browser (Safari 6.0)

                      or my operating systerm (Lion 10.7.4) are not supported

                      by the slingplayer plugins.


                      when I click "here" for more info: I can then access my

                      TV when I click "Watch your Sling Box Anywhere!" on

                      the right side of the page,  It takes me to my TV.


                      What is wrong?


                      Thanks again


                      Dennis Fadem