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    Brand new SlingBox Solo not working


      I just got my slingbox today from bestbuy. I got everything installed and running, but when I watch the stream via the web plug-in or using sling player I get no more then 200-500 kbps.   The video starts to lock up and the audio cuts out as the kbps hits about 20-55. I have Verizon fios 25 MB download and 25 MB upload connection so I don't see my internet being the cause. So with the ports being forwarded, the routers firewall being off, my pcs firewall being off I still can not get this to work. Mater of face I just got the blackberry/iphone apps and they still wont work.


      A few things I should point out is,


      1. I am using the slingbox solo with the Sling turbos. But the TV/DVR is just down the hall.


      2. When using slingplayer I get the message that states. "Current Network conditions aren't good enough for your video settings. If you've change streaming settings, consider going to the encoding tab in slingplayer options and re-enabling slipstream optimization


      3. I can not change routers.


      Thanks in advance. I really don't want to return this thing yet

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          A little bit of a follow up. I actually just fixed this. My problem was with the sling links. I turns out that the outlet that one of them was plugged into was not on the same as the other. So after moving the sling links to the same circuit every thing was up and running for 3 hrs so far with not even 1 hic-up. I know this solution will not fix every ones problem, but it sure did fix mine.