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    Connections for HD

    adriankorsner Newbie

      How can I connect my Humax HD freeview box to my Slingbox HD Pro and still be able to use the Humax on my home TV system?

      The Humax has an HDMI output (which currently feeds my Onkyo AV amp) and a scart output. I'm using the scart adaptor supplied to take the Humax signal to the Slingbox and the pass through to connect another scart lead to the TV so I can, casually, watch Humax TV box on my TV without having to use the AV amp, but this is only composite and audio. I want to be able to to extract the HD signal from the Humax scart socket and connect it to the component in connectors on the Slingbox.

      Don't know what adaptors or connectors are available and having bought the Slingbox and the ipad app, don't have a lot of money to spend.

      Thanks, in advance