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    No Access to the Router in my House


      I rent a room in someone's house. I have a wireless internet connection, but the router transmitting the wireless signal can't be hooked into since it is in my landlord's room and he does not want anything hooked up to it. I thought that if you hooked the ethernet cord between the Slingbox and the computer you were to use it on that it would be able to transmit data that way. Or through the USB out on the back of the Slingbox. Would either of these ideas work or does it have to be hooked directly to the router for it to work?

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          Hello rjo43084,


          Great Question! With the Slingbox you would need to have it connected to the router directly or use a network extension such as Slinglinks or a Wireless Bridge. You wouldn't be able to run the Slingbox directly to the computer that has a WiFi connection because the Slingbox currently doesn't have WiFi abilities.


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