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    Error Code 13 - Resolution from SlingMedia yet?


      I've seen others on this forum with the same issue, but couldn't find where the answer has ever been documented.  My SlingCatcher was reset and is attempting a recovery mode.  It has received an address on my local network via DHCP and I have created a hole in my firewall for 2-way communication between any slingmedia server and the slingcatcher.  It starts the process, but no more than 1/20th of the progress bar moves.  The SlingCatcher 1st makes a connection with and then a lot of packets are traded with but eventually after a long time states Error 13 and refers to this site for "assistance" ...  Is slingmedia still managing these servers to ensure that a reset (which honestly shouldn't wipe out the firmware, just the settings) to owners of SlingCatchers and if not can someone at slingmedia make the firmware available for loading via USB thumb drive?

      Thanks in advance!