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    Slingbox setup poor disclosure and consumer unfriendly approach - agree?


      Wasted couple hours today repeatedly attempting to set up a Slingbox Pro HD replacement box and not achieving video access because my cable box was connected to the TV by an HDMI cable. "Stanley" at support said basically "oh, that's the fault of a Federal law not the the Slingbox".


      Really? When I suggested that the set up process on-line could easily include a disclosure that sent users to the work around (component cable Slingbox pass through), Stanley said that would be "bad business practice" meaning, I  take it, that, since a very large % of users would be using HDMI as a best practice for HDTV connection, disclosing the need for the work around would discourage sling box purchases. So, at Slingbox, when you are selling a product that is not compatible with what is probably the most utilized HDTV configuration type, the "good" business  practice is to require purchase of the Slingbox, failure at set-up and entry of the term "HDMI" in Support S

      earch to get to an article on the work around.


      To make it even more fun, a user with a receiver has to run the component connection from the cable box to the receiver and from the receiver to the slingbox and then via component on to the HDTV. I asked Stanley what sort of sound quality that was likely to produce and he said he did not know.


      When I pointed out the above to Stanley, he said well maybe that was why they got "so many calls" at Support about this issue!



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          callanish Apprentice

          Look, the way I see it is you are coming across the HDCP restrictions that have been around for a while now and affect most, if not all hardware being sold today and sling products are no exception, so you might feel sling aren't being straight with you, but I'd say most buyers of sling media products need to be aware of what direction they need to go in before hand, in order to setup their slingbox using either component, composite or buying the hdfury product letting them use an hdmi connection with their slingbox, and if they aren't, then they didn't do enough homework before buying in order to educate themselves about how a place shifting device works and what restrictions are in place. No slingbox comes with an HDMI connection, and there's a pretty good reason why and that's because any digital signal must have the HDCP protection built in, so think yourself fortunate if your Cable / Sat box still has a 1080 analog component connection, because they are becoming harder to find and people are being forced to use composite with their place shifting hardware.


          When you've been slinging for a while, you realize you end up making compromises at some point with setup and usage, and if you are unwilling to make those sacrifices, you move on. it's not like any competitor to sling, like Monsoon, allows you to hookup to their box any differently. They're all restricted by HDCP, so the bottom line is, you just accept the fact that if you can't use component, you use composite and if you really want to get around the HDCP issues using HDMI, you spend money on the expensive HDFury.


          I understand your frustration in trying to get something to work the way you think it should work and end up hitting a brick wall, but if you can get it to work through component, you aren't sacrificing much in the way of sound and video quality vs hdmi and I can say that as someone that has one slingbox hooked up through component and another through composite. You are still getting an HD picture, just through analog, not digital.


          Life's too short to worry about what something can and can't do and who's to blame because it can't connect a certain way. Just try to set it up any way you can and go from there.