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    android slingplayer bug




      i have done my research and i wonder who and where i can get help from slingbox directly


      i have read others issues and problem associating with slingplayer on android tablet.


      i have tried the following


      at home

      ipad - work

      galaxy note - working

      galaxy tab 2 7 inch - working



      at outside (using 3G network)


      ipad - work

      galaxy note - sometimes working, sometimes failed

      galaxy tab 2 - no


      now it comes the interesting part

      i use the galaxy note as hotspot and i play slingplayer from galaxy tab 2 - working

      i use the galaxy tab 2 as hotspot and i play slingpalyer from galaxy note - not working


      you might think it is the mobile operator of my galaxy tab 2 got issues....but in fact, i use the same sim card and it works on my ipad in the first place.... so i think the issue is related to slingplayer coding on android tablet... anyone share this experience???