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    Resizing On-Screen Remote


      I am using slingbox.com to access my slingbox hd (and Comcast account) at home. It's running through a netbook connected to my LG tv via hdmi cable. This is a workable situation since the WDTV Live I originally purchased and installed,  had incredibly frustrating issues that I couldn't solve and I returned it. My problem is this:


      I cannot resize the on-screen remote, nor can I move it up vertically on my screen. I can move it horizontally, but It bounces back to the bottom of the screen whenever I try to move it up. In the location at the bottom of the screen, I can only view/use the numbers through 6 and I cannot return to the last channel. How do I unpin the on-screen remote from it's location at the bottom of the screen and then, how do I resize it?


      I know the ability to resize is available for tablet, but I have not been able to find any instructions relating to this particular problem.


      Thanks for any help. I truly enjoy this capability, but I am getting tired of using the guide, scrolling down until I find the channel I want, etc., etc, etc,