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    Need to help for connect my slingbox pro to other sources


      Hi, I have a slingbox pro which bought 2 years before. Recently, I have to move to a new house and lost all set up information for slingbox, then I forgot how to connect my slingbox. Hope anyone can help?


      I have a cable tv box, a dvd and a tv. The existing connection without slingbox is tv signal is connecting to cable tv, and then the tv signal is from cable tv out to dvd (areial in), and then the tv signal is out from from dvd to tv  . If I have to connect back my slingbox pro, how to do it?

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Forblythe,



          First off, here's a link to the documentation for the Sling Pro.  It has all the manuals and guides that came in the box:




          If you need the SlingPlayer software, you can find it here:


          Macintosh                             Windows




          If you forgot your admin password, here's how to reset your Slingbox:





          As for how to hook your video sources up, there is more than one way to do it with the equipment you have.

          Sling Pro Back.jpg

          (Click to Enlarge)



          If you post back and say more about how you would like everything to work once it is set up, I can suggest how to hook the wires up.  Specifically, what you would like to be able to watch and control from the Slingbox ?  Also, do you need to be able to watch Slingbox while someone at home is watching a different show on the TV ?


          Post back if you have more questions. 




          Hope this helps,


          - Az