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      hello everyone and thank you for any responses,


      my sling box has been having the problem of not resetting and so I have reinstalled the software repeatedly, but to no avail. so i need a solution any answers that are helpful are appreciated

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Alexp195,



          Need some more information in order to help...


          - Which Slingbox do you have ?


          - What computer/operating system are you using ?  (Mac OS X 10.6, WinXP, etc.)


          - What brand/model router do you have ?


          - Has it been working normally before now ?


          - Why have you been resetting the Slingbox ? (more about what is not working please)


          - What happens when you try to reinstall/run the SlingPlayer program ?


          - What exactly are the lights doing on the front of the Slingbox ?




          Any other details or clues you can write would also help.




          - Az