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    Play ipad thro TV


      I am using an ipad to watch TV using a Slingbox Solo.


      When I plug the ipad into an HD TV, when away from home, the picture quality has been ok.


      However, recently I am experiencing buffering and I am forced to change the setting on the ipad to Standard Quality. This then means that although I still get sound playing through the TV, there is no picture


      I have tried several times, changing the setting to SQ on the ipad app, but it makes no difference.


      Will it ever work, or do I need Auto or HQ quality to get a picture on the TV?

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          beckifields Novice

          Hello barry.whitehead,


          Thanks for contacting us in the land of the Forums.  We do apologize that you are having buffering issues when connecting your iPad to your TV.  Just to let you know connecting the actual iPad to the TV is not going to affect the quality of the picture.  The possible cause for your buffering may be due to the speed of the Internet that you are using on your iPad.  We have a great article that explains the speed that is needed depending on your Internet connection.



          Hope this helps!

          The Slingbox Moderation Team

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              Thanks for the reply


              The issue was more about playing the iPad through a tv when away from home


              If the download speed is low and I have to switch to SQ, I only get sound through the tv and no picture. If I switch back to HQ or Auto, I get sound and picture on the tv but the buffering.


              Is this caused by the Slingbox app and can it be fixed?




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