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    Setup issue or slow internet issue?


      I switched to AT+T DSL the day before leaving the country, bad scheduling, but that’s life.

      I set up my slingbox for internet viewing before I left using http://setup.slingbox.com/ and it configured the router and said everything was ready for internet viewing. I had done this before and was pretty confident that I did it correctly. In fact, it may not have even been necessary, since I changed the modem (from comcast to AT+T) but kept the same router.


      I did a speed test on my AT+T DSL High Speed Internet before leaving and found that the upload speed was a dismal 250 KBps upload, compared with my old Comcast which was about 2.5 MBps.


      I tried connecting to my slingbox on my way out of town at various places and now I am in South   Korea. Sometimes it connects for just a second, maybe just long enough for me to turn on the cable box (with the IR blaster) and see about 2 seconds of video, then it looses connection. In fact, 9/10 times it just says “Unable to Connect”.


      I am not sure if I should start with trying to setup the slingbox again to reconfigure the router again (someone at home could maybe help), or if I should start with trying to upgrade my abysmal AT+T upload speeds.


      If I made a mistake configuring the router (even though the slingbox setup clearly said I was ready for remote viewing), would I still be able to connect for a couple of seconds like I do? If the remote viewing is not properly set up , is the error “unable to connect” , or is it another error?


      If really slow upload speeds is the problem, does that create the case where I can see for 2 seconds and then drop connection, followed by “unable to connect”?


      What do you think? Slow internet problem or connection problem?

      Thanks, Drew

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          I am the OP again.

          I just connected for 30 seconds, but the slingbox speed would only go up to 40 KBps. Then dropped and "cannot connet". So it seems it is not a setup issue, but a really slow ATT interenet issue. They told me it was 3Mbps download and upload when I ordered it, I guess that wasn't right.

          I used to get 2MBps slingbox connection here in Korea with Comcast, now 40 kbps with ATT. Darn, I made a bad move.

          Any ideas for what to do about 40 kbps upload speed from ATT , thanks,


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              callanish Apprentice

              Sorry for hitting you when you are down, but as long as you have that dismal ISP upload speed from AT&T, you won't be able to use your slingbox. That 40kbps is just pathetic. What's the advertised upload speed from AT&T before it gets to Korea and you end up with that 40kbps? There's no other way around it, you need to either drop AT@T and go back to Comcast or find out through AT@T if there is such a thing as a faster upload package, because you've got nothing to work with when you're receiving a stream speed that would struggle with audio alone, never mind audio and video.

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                  I checked my internet speeds again and got 300 KBps. I called AT+T and 300 kbps is the upper spec for my area.

                  I can kind of see some TV with my slingbox, as long is nobody is moving on the screen.

                  Oh well, guess I need to wait until AT+T gets uverse to my area, they have faster speeds.