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    Slingcatcher - System Recovery Screen Loop




      My Slingcatcher is stuck in the System Recovery Screen loop... no error codes, just a restart then back to the System recovery screen every time.


      I've tried all the suggestions recommended in the support documentation and on these forums.

      I've connected it direct to my router.

      I've tried to connect to a different router.

      I've tried the restore to default settings.


      Nothing seems to work, and I've not seen anyone post a resolution for this problem - yet it seems to be widespread.


      If someone has the answer to this issue I would be eternally grateful if they can post the remedy here.


      I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that I may as well throw my Slingcatcher in the bin...


      Surely someone somewhere has the answer?


      Does anyone from Slingbox support monitor these questions? If so, please help me....!