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    Audio Sync Issues


      Hello I have audio sync issues. I got my Pro HD in Jan and since then the audio is like 2 seconds off the video streaming on the SlingDesktop. The picture looks geat but the sound is not in sync. Same when I sling the same signal to the my Slingcatcher. I have read on various forums that a lot of people have been experiencing this. I just an hour ago updated the Pro HD to the lastest software. I was hoping this would correct this issuse but sadly now seems worse. I have tried uplugging and resetting nothing works. I saw someone posted that unplugging it for more than 30mins would help but it eventually starts to go out of sync.

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          Thanks for  participating in the Forum! The troubleshooting below may help you out  now.


          Why can't I  adjust picture/audio settings with my Slingbox PRO-HD?


          Audio settings


          SlingPlayer  Options: Encoding

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              I seem to have the same issue but can't find Options from the Settings menu.



              Is it in the  wbspiessetup.exe?


              My sling box is working, and I don' t wish to re-install it.



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                Hello I am new to sling box and have a set up question.  Does the sling box need to be set up to a computer all the time or just for set up?  Does the sling box even need to be connected to the computer?  I have a mac book air and and Ipad can I set up the sling box with either of those?


                Both have current software.



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                    I have a few colleagues running MAC’s and they run parallel’s on top

                    Thus running windows xp on the MAC


                    This enables them to run all windows compatible s/w on the mac



                    Suggest you go to a MAC store and get some expert bar advice


                    I haven’t dealt with a MAC


                    Sling box

                    It Must be connected to internet for you to access (should be direct Ethernet connect, not wi-fi

                    You don’t have to have your laptop on the internet always, but can’t sling unless you are on the internet (preferably with high speed connection) and the sling must be on the net


                    You don’t connect your computer to the sling

                    You connect your computer to your sling through your sling internet account


                    Login to sling, create an account, and then you have the most options configuring your sling, over the net (updates, etc)


                    I have TiVo (DVR) and regular cable and can view both on sling



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                  Does anyone else have a solution for this issue? None of the solutions suggested here work for me.


                  Anything that I watch on my SB either with the Slingbox Player or the web site the audio progressively gets ahead of the video!!!


                  Someone has to have answer for this!! Please let me know something!! This is ridiculous!!


                  Oh, I just downloaded an update on my laptop for the web player in FireFox and the problem is still there so the latest update does not resolve this.




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                    I also have this issue when running my Slingbox HD on Best/HD or Auto settings.  When set to "Best" audio and video are synched correctly.


                    Both my Slingbox and my player plugin are up to date.

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                      The recent Sling promotion to upgrade older sling products caught my attention because I could not access my slingbox pro with my ipad.  I purchased an HD 350 and have had constant out of sync audio ever since I installed it.  It works fine on our ipads but on my windows 7 laptop the audio is always out of sync.  I have tried running it under windows 32 bit explorer and under google chrome.  Nothing works.  I have disabled hardware acceleration as suggested but the problem persists.  My only solution seems to be to put my older slingbox pro back in service too and use it for PC access and the hd 350 when using an ipad.  Is this a solution, yes, but I think Sling media needs to find a better solution and post it with an alert. My streaming speed seems to run over 6000 kbs so I don't think bandwidth is the issue.   I am soooooooooooooo disappointed.