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    Slingbox HD-PRO digital audio-in


      Here is my setup:


      Cablebox #1 to Sling using component audio and Video


      Cablebox #2 to Tivo using coax (second cable box so I can Tivo a different channel than is playing on the TV).  Tivo uses Red, White, Yellow out to TV.


      If I try coax from Tivo to Sling, it seems to bypass the Tivo and the Sling acts as a tuner (i.e. not letting me control the Tivo)


      That only leaves S-Video and Digital Audio out of the Tivo.  The Tivo digital audio out is the square Toslink optical jack.  The Sling digital in is the round RCA type jack.   I purchased a converter that will convert Toslink to RCA digital audio.   However, when I hook to the sling, I see video fine, but no sound.


      Any suggestions?